Social media = good

Relax, relax, relax.

The state of chillaxation is something I’m endlessly searching for.

It’s what we rush home to at the end of a long arduous day.  It’s what we fantasize about when  stuck in the harsh cold light of day.

The duvet, the hot drink, the sunset, the cave.  For me that’s synonymous with Sade, Peanut hot chocolate and my cosy blanket den -Twitter and Facebook.

My unconscious addiction to fixing, explaining, solving me and all those unfortunate enough to come into contact with me 😜 means I can leave myself derelict, lying on the roadside, defunct.

When I find a thing to be done -abounding enthusiasm, single mindedness, excitement grips me super tight to the extent that I strangle my own awareness of my physical limitations.

The animal mind suppresses the rational mind and I start reacting to the stimuli around me- mindlessly chasing something, anything to solve the newest burning question and salve my disquiet .

Of course, chaotic behavior only sends stress levels soaring and I’m left with a nasty taste in the mouth.

Once I’ve crossed the boundary of what is manageable, the roller coaster of ups and downs inevitabley ensues.

Learning to switch off the brain and purely exist on a physical level is a new discipline that I have recently  hunted and ruthlessly captured.  It has enriched a sense of general well being in the midst of life’s topsy turviness.

Twitter now holds that highly esteemed place in my  psychi of chief counselor, calmant  and energizer.

Once clicked on the icon, in the matter of seconds the old addage-a change is as good as a rest- plays out.

Whilst reclining on a sofa, steaming hot drink with melting caramel waffle balancing on the top, remote control heating at my finger tips –

I am passively exposed to: sumptuous art, food and mother nature, rich colour, tourist must – visits, economic analyses, leadership strategy, cool jazz swing a longa, pedagogical insights, mindfulness reminders, political scandal,one liners that pin point a deep dear truth…

This is the massive plus of social media- that the stuff that stuffs our brain can be removed and replaced in seconds like replacing your sole (in your shoes) -pardon the pun!

Now don’t get me wrong: the many anti social twitches, lonelinesses and increasingly awkward face to face we see is partly caused by the many many hours wiled away intertwined with some device. Prince Ea  nails it with this. Check it out –

But peoples, let’s not over simplify matters and allow social media to become an easy 🎯 target for our predisposition to a navel gazing  ‘I’ focus.

The angst that in your face can cause-can be temporarily air lifted and filled with tantalising #allandnothing.


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