I intend to defend the blend until the end…



We’re all talking about it. We’re always talking about it. We always have been….

And if we don’t, we’re thinking about it…img_20190914_131810-1

The paler the better…

I hate being ‘light skinned’ coz men chase me purely for my shade and dark skinned ladies resent me for my shade coz men chase me…

I remember the first time I realized I was being sexualised… barely 10 yrs old, waiting for the bus home in my ra ra skirt… and some deviant male spoke the immortal words that would change my self – perception ‘nice light skinned gal’. Therein lay my power and demise.

Talk about objectification…

‘loving yourself’ seems so cheesy yet so damn relevant

Can we just Big each other Up as we go about our mundane, everyday business? Like just make each other feeeeeeeeel good…. about our humour, our freckles, our caring Ness, our giggle, our handwriting… anything tiny and important …

And media hype wld be gradually demeaned of its strangling hold.


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