Bask in The now

Watching our therapy rabbits dive into their cauliflower leaves teaches me that the now is where all the joy comes from.

The mechanical and constant crunch of their junior teeth. Their absolute determination to devour shows me that I should devour this ‘now’.

There’s no other tense that is reliable: the past is doctored by nostalgia and unconscious bias, the future is plain  precarious.

My ‘now’ is a sponge cake perfuming my home, unashamedly crunching rabbits, a court form and evidence to submit ASAP, child benefit form to prove the money is rightfully mine, family who hate me and possible eviction in October.

I choose to do what I can about the problems, close that box and delve into the now: what I have now that makes me feel good-friends who love me, special moments with my children, food cooked for me while I sleep, music that soothes me,words to be rearranged to make a sound of my soul.

That alone will see me through the most challenging times…

What is your ‘now’? img_20190929_075354



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