I am truly overwhelmed with a court case deadline looming, PTSD, a new job, debt and recovering from abuse…

How do we manage when we feel like the lowest of the low?

Where everything turns rotten in our hands?

And there’s no one there to pick up the pieces? It’s all on me to get me and my kids outta this mess.

I know many are suffering and lonely across our massive, sprawling metropolis.

Just hearing some recognition from my friend this morning meant the world to me. To know that he sees that my life is absolutely horrific and its not my fault-I am a victim…gave me a little bit of strength to carry on.

So many social workers, solicitors, doctors are so busy being ‘professional’, it really feels like they don’t care.

After 6 breakdowns due to abuse which only therapy helped me to accept instead of blaming me, there’s one thing I need and that’s care…

Ask yourself – who cares about you… I mean truly? Hold on tight to them.!!!!!

As they say in Zimbabwe CHEKUBATA πŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ’œπŸ–€

img_20191001_050834me at 5 am prepping for court

Lovely mental notes that keep me going



4 thoughts on “Acknowledge

  1. I wish you all the best with the court cases. What I mean is, I wish you peace of mind. It must be so hard for you. Each day you wake up and get out of bed, you are a little stronger. Even if nobody else saw what you went through in those dreadful moments, God did and he is not pleased that your abuser treated you in such an evil way. It may seem that he’s got away with it but he has not. He will pay for what he has done to you. God will restore the hours that have been stolen from your life and you will live again. You will learn to hold your head up high. You are never alone. Remember that when insensitive defence lawyers are asking you awkward questions. They may regard you as ‘just another case’ but God regards you as his precious daughter.


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