I wonder how…


Recovering from fleeing my home… this summer….

I don’t know how non English speakers or those with little education, confidence or a disability of the physical or mental variety manage living in Enfield Council in the UK to get any support, money, housing, health care or well anything.

Right now in my life, I am statistically ticking many of the boxes of how we define deprivation: single mother, fleeing domestic abuse, on benefits, in temporary accommodation, in mounting debt, facing eviction, without permanent work, social worker… blah blah blah…

I’m even bored with this… and it’s my own life…

So I thought I was in the upper percentile of pure, pig faced determination… waiting for hours til the building closed when declaring myself homeless as advised by my social worker..

Boy was I wrong…. Coz I moved to Enfield and I have felt first hand the squeezing, heartless, pounding fist of austerity.

No one picks up the phone in Enfield Council… there’s an answer machine that works intermittently that theoretically answers all your problems but just tells you to either email an indecipherable address or go to the panacea that solves all crises known to modern Man… wait for it.. ‘on line’.

Yeah right. I tried going into that other dimension… and no it wasn’t a drug induced attempt to escape my economic deprivation… it was the Enfield ‘portal’…

I’ve unsuccessfully tried multitudes of times to do this and after tearing out many braids… gesticulated madly at my benefits advisor who alerted me that I should go to an Enfield library coz that’s where all benefits help is at nowadays.

Because there’s no money to help the voiceless and oppressed face to face at the council 🙄😭… librarians are now the ones on the ground who can help us and apparently have some training to do so…

I’m beginning to wonder if the council is part of some out there government AI experiment, replacing humans with robots…

Meanwhile, I continue to receive scary letters from the council about how much I owe and all the things they’re gonna do to me….

Hoping, one day they might respond to my email….

Will let you know how I get on at the library in my far fetched bid to meet a real human at Enfield Council … 

Have you got a story about how austerity effects yours or anyone’s life? Plz share it…. 😜






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