Go back…



No I’m not a Brexiteer!

Like Gil Scott Heron-elder statesman said

‘This country wants nostalgia.  To the man in the wide hat to the man in the white suit… saving America. Coz someone always saves America at the last moment. In a B movie. They wanna go back as far as they can, even if it was only last week’. B movie

That’s what media manipulation does. It makes our national ID vulnerable, leaving us open to manipulation. Gil explains this perfectly.

A country needs a narrative to make sense of their history and unite the disparate parts and so do we. Especially when we’re rewriting our history as many of us do after undergoing trauma.

Re uniting with this dear gem after many years reminded me of a part of my life I’d blocked out.

Re United me with what is essentially me.

Who could you get back in touch with?


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