Love your core



Caring for myself so I can care for others is one of the most overplayed mantras on repeat in my head.

After 6 consecutive breakdowns in the past 7 years, I have learnt the hard way to listen to every twitch, itch, iota of negativity piercing my soul.

I step away from bad vibes immediately because I’ve finally accepted – without judgement – my super sensitive, vulnerable core… Lost many friends but gained genuine, loving people too… (yeah i can’t take a joke…)

Coz the people who have suffered the most are actually my kids-not knowing who they’re gonna get each day.  If I’ll get out of bed this month or not. I feel for them and because of them I protect myself coz I don’t have enough self love to do it for me.

For some reason I just don’t value myself, never have…. but being a mother has motivated me beyond myself!!!!

Food is important and in a week like this when I have flu breathing down my neck from my students and my family … I have to feed myself well.

Chicken livers-a South African staple-loadsa frozen spinach, spices, tomatoes and peas accompanied by baked sweet potato.

Making something just for me, not something my kids like is also a new attitude of self care I’ve adopted.

It shows them that I matter to me… subliminal lessons in respecting their elder.

This has resurrected my flu torn body and self love!!!!


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