I love my job….


I love my job.

Yes I’m a supply teacher. Yes I get bad attitude from staff and students. Yes I’m the bottom of the educational food chain.

So what? – to quote Miles Davis.

Coz I love teens-their intensity, apathy, anti establishment, honesty.  I love words, I love talking about themes, literary structures, philosophical concepts, emotional wrangles every single day…

I love Nikolas!


One thought on “I love my job….

  1. Hi! I’m curious. What’s the definition or job of a Supply Teacher these days? I’m old school. But when I was a kid? The Supply Teacher was our goto person. They had EVERYTHING. Heck, I recall my Supply Teacher, who was also the man that had the keys to the Bookroom – far different from the library. It was a small supply closet filled with books for those who simply wanted to read.
    His name was Mr. Warshaw. That Supply Teacher was the light in my world of darkness.
    You hold your head up high Ms. Supply Teacher! You’re more valuable than you think. You may not see it now, but you’re a well needed asset. Thanks for all that you do.


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