Get on up…


James Brown said it and it sounds proper cool!  

I have to say it to myself every so often when Depression crowds me, presses in and corners me.

Because I’ve had so many break downs, I feel this massive responsibility to Me, to be stable enough, to keep going, to get on up, to care for my young…

I’m relieved to say the downs are short lived and the longer I’m away from the toxic environment that I didn’t realise was a toxic, wasting away of my Will to live… the easier I get up, dust myself off and ‘keep it moving’ .

In this temporary home, afforded by the council to escape domestic abuse… I can breathe, I can start to peer into my past and write My narrative and keep on unchaining myself from the lies force fed by a cult church and its cronies…

But how do we get up again and again and… again?

Do what you like.

I like food and I’m a genuine Jafakan. I love all things Jamaican. I ate this food on a downer I was spiralling into on Wednesday afternoon and it definitely contributed to lifting my mood as well as my super entertaining daughter taking my mind off me.

Calaloo, saltfish and Festival.  Calaloo is similar to spinach and Festival is a fried dumpling with a touch of sugary, cinnamon vibes…



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