I wish I had Her Grace…

Sometimes I just feel so ashamed of me. That I am so unconventional. So different…

It’s been the bane of my life…gnashing my teeth on the outskirts of things.

I’m too political, too honest, too unwilling to play the games of authority and minion- that traverses work, relationships and family.

My hair is too wild, my style too post teenager,my temper too hot particularly at injustice…

Well that’s what I’ve internalised from my surroundings!!!!

When I listen to Ella and hear her mellifluous tones, her humility infront of her predominantly white colonial audiences, read about her economically deprived background that did not lead to the drug and sexual abuses so many of her black supremely talented and conscious peers suffered: the absolute lack of or even iota of bitterness in her…

Defies me.

She defies me.

Her love,her humour,her innocence defies me.


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