Health care in the ‘Third World’

After suffering for over 4 years with menopausal issues with the help of the NHS in the UK…I thought I would try ‘private’ in Senegal.

Botched appointments, waiting times of over 2 hours, refusals to scan even when picked up by ambulance, losing my notes before an operation to ascertain if I have cancer….4 fucking years of pain and uncertainty and more than that…absolutely no concern for my well being.

Somehow, lefties like me just don’t do private on principle in the UK. So the decision to seek ‘private’ in Senegal, albeit the only option here, still felt weird.

Well I went yday and within 45 minutes of an appointment with a beautiful, intelligent Black Woman -Senegalese-Gynae: the problem was pin pointed, evidenced with a scan, strategised and medicated…

4 years

The relief is indescribable. And to the tune of just under 60 English pounds.

And this is every day life in Dakar