Blue Sky in Winter

Wide expanse overarching infinite possibilities

Like a  blue hue flooded with too much water on the canvas,

Paled by iridescent light
Blinding the dim dismal eye  blinking and cursing at the intrusion of positivity, possibility

These Scrooge like misery mutterings give way to

awe at the  flawlessly acrobatic birds  soaring

wonder at the mechanical reliability of the day that Will follow night

Fleeting joy at the  warming caress of a  winter sun

a glimmer of hope that the bright sky can absorb this unfailing despair

this overriding  dark, dank, dense burden of  hopelessness


Trapped in depression

I hate the night before, feeling so stressed about getting out of bed and trying to work tomorrow.

I feel so awful. So much dread.

I have to do it. No choice.

If I don’t go, it stresses out my family so much, makes them angry, disappointed.

I should count blessings: a bed, a roof, a child who cares. 

Just feel so low….

Staying in bed gets me nowhere.  I know I need to try, just no motivation.

I just feel so horrible