Ban Tesco. Is the question Who or What?

My mate told me she don’t shop at Tesco coz they support really bad causes such as wiping out Palestinians.

Seeing that I’m half Jewish- whatever that means !- I really care about the Israeli foreign policy and any behaviour that may make people perceive us as power hungry.

On those grounds I think its important to punish bad behaviour as you would put your naughty offspring on the naughty step!

Its the New Year so let’s do something different!

Let’s punish Tesco for their poor behaviour and STOP shopping there. Let’s do this. Let’s make change.

Stop buying from Tesco. Asda are cheaper and Waitrose far better quality.

Stop shopping at Tesco. Maybe they can learn to stop funding genocide by not sending 10 % of their profit to fund the war.

Money Talks.