up the stairs, grasping her food parcel

Skinny arms entwined awkwardly round the cumbersome box like some unwieldy, wriggly baby. Insufficient nuturing arms.

Too many stairs: grunting greedily for the next breath- stopping, sweating, panting

A wizened, gentle Caribbean lilt, floats down quizzically romancing the ears ‘I’ll get a lift put in for you next week my dear’

Gratitude seeps from her greying lonely eyes as the duo defy distancing in their oh so tiny meeting point. Stumbling into her disheveled den, barely holding it together as the box tears up….



We made those cookies…crisp, juicy, tender…

It was our perfect symbiosis. Coming together as the butter enveloped the sugar folding endlessly inside the chocolate speckled flour.

I kept myself at bay. All for this picture perfect momento.

Watched gummy dough carelessly flung onto unreachable walls. Smiled. The multitudes of utensils used once and slammed down wherever sticky side first. Grimaced. The sugar glittering from abject surfaces, the wrappings thrown off in rapid disarray, spittle smeared fingers wiping…




Posh, Lazy, Garlic bread

I went to ‘Ask Italian’ the other day and fell head over heels with the cheesy garlic doughballs.

Me, my daughter and her trampoline squad devoured these divine culinary delights and kept on asking for more.

So I tried this and it’s definitely not going to help my New Years diet that’s lasted all of 5 minutes!

Defrost half baked baguettes in the oven. Meanwhile, combine shredded sun dried tomato, olives, Scillian garlic, grated mozzarella.

Take the baguettes out of the oven and break them into pieces and add them to the garlic mix and lashings of olive oil plus lurpack if you’re feeling particularly naughty! Ensure all the bread has good coverage of oil.

Bake for 7 mins, grill for 2, add some dollops of soft cheese and you will be far far away on a sunset beach drenched in aromas of The Rustic.

Food love

He’s back!!!!

Not having him near me for 18 days caused a massive hole…an abyss. I didn’t know how much I had come to rely on his emotional intelligence, quirky habits and verbal dalliances!!

It’s scary to be so dependent.

To realise My need. But it’s so refreshing to admit this to myself, to be transparent rather than pseudo detached, adult and cool.

The court cases, financial hardship, family alienation are less looming and pushed back into perspective a little more!

Feeling goooood, dressed in Nikolas’ gift- tartan skirt!

Healthy hearty breakfast

Melt butter and oatmilk, add salt and pepper. Crack eggs and stir on high heat. Slice tomatoes, oranges and fresh spinach with a dash of olive oil.

Breakfast with love. …


I’m proud.We made our first dinner for friends.

Reframing trauma is starting to work.

I created some christmasy ingredients with a twist -dishes.Turkey breast in a tomato, spinach and Chorizo sauce. Chocolate cheesecake with sweet cranberry sauce.

He made Thai soup and delicious sides. We danced around each other, sharing our cooking space elegantly. A symbiosis of kindness meets kindness.

What a team we’re becoming! Our guests loved being waited on and it was a total pleasure.

The Prosecco flowed and the laughter reigned. Long may this continue…