Dealing with white woman ignorance in the workplace. Microaggression. Unconscious Bias.

The ignorant boss woman emails me and copies in my ignorant white woman boss.

Hi Hannah, 
I have just had an email from Mrs X as she is concerned that he is getting a mark for non-attendance to lesson but he was there, which I have confirmed with some of my key worker students who are with me in school and he was there the whole time.  
Can I ask that the register gets checked carefully, so we don’t end up having awkward conversations with parents.  
If you need any support with please let me know.  

I respond and copy in their white man boss.

Bobby, I feel it important that you are aware of this email interaction.Thanks for this.  I am very careful with registers.  Also, I have not heard a word from X since the start of term via mic or typing.  The other students attested that he has not been present, because I always check.He joined todays lesson for the first time since January in the last 5 mins which I am sure you agree is not acceptable.  Perhaps you could support him in how to be interactive and proactive in lessons so he isn’t marked as absent.Please find out both sides of the story before making assumptions.

I then email my boss her boss and the Head

Also, I was very upset about the email from head yr 8.  X and Y have seen it. We’re all under pressure but that’s unwarranted and we need to support one another as teachers.  I believe in this very strongly.
Please could this be resolved in whatever way you deem necessary as it weighs on me that adult discussions are not had first before judging situations particularly with a child who I know has complex issues. I taught him in person last year and he made his mark let’s say.
Sorry to moan but I like everything out in open.ThanksHannah 

I deal with this kinda bullshit day in and day out for what feels like millennia and guess what ? Its always white women bosses who assume shit about me. It’s so tired and boring beyond belief. Their prejudice defies logic and professionalism.

That’s why Europe is not for me. Would rather not have electricity than deal with this draining nonsense.

I also make sure I’m so on it with quality, paperwork or whatever hoop that they just have to keep me til I’m ready to exit.

The last time my white female boss treated me like an idiot and sacked me, I whistleblew and she had to endure months of investigation of unprofessionalism and bullying in the work place.

Put them in their place but look after YOU. Coz we know we’re better.


Ask questions. Always

Are masks all they’re cracked to be?


Life b4 Covid was full of suffering people.

Then they just disappeared once Covid hit. Miraculous!

People are suffering MORE and we just don’t hear about it. Tis the name of the game. ‘Forget the vulnerable and focus on spending.’

This is the Solidarity Night for Refugees in Calais in Hackney.All the money will go to Care4Calais. Please book now and share it with friends.
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Covid test unlawful?

They break the rules they make up.

It is them and us.

Always will be. Do something!