This is so true. Let’s go home!

Yall been in a toxic relationship with Amerikkka so long, you’re outraged at its hypocrisy.
Sweetheart, know that Amerikkka is a whole entire abusive narcissist that don’t give a flying fuck about you. Peep game. Play to win. Protect your life, save your family. Act and move accordingly 👀


Moroccan Light

Moroccan light, Moroccan warmth.

Colour glowing glass. An orgy of hue. Warming me. Lighting my path.

He said ‘ I am the light and the Way’.

I say give me my Moroccan light any day. It’s here and it’s real. I see it. I feel it.

He never illuminated in my dark, obliterating conundrums. Far far away, in the impenetrable recesses of non existence.

But This lamp points out My path. Its heritage speaks to my eyes and touch. The call to prayer religiously reverberates in all our ears. Unifying us in our annoyance. anticipation.

No more fairy tale Messiah complex.

My Moroccan lamp will do just fine.

The new and improved Africa land grab…

So the new imperialism starts again…circles are so frustrating and boring… this time Russia is the major player in carving up my Beloved Africa according to The New York Times.

Out with Western imperialism and in with Eastern style exploitation where they treat the colonised with ‘respect’ according to this article.

The responses to the NYT epitomise the greedy and sneaky attitude to Africa.. there’s an underlying assumption that we’re gonna be controlled… the question is who.


I’m tired of being presented as a victim… coz that’s just not what Africans are. We’re beautiful, innovative and super nova clever.

Look at Botswana and their upward trajectory. The Africa Development Bank even states that a borderless Africa would make us more powerful on the global stage.

The way TNYT presents our plight reminds me of living in an abusive marriage where I’d lost so much confidence in my ability to be independent and so had those around me.

I had to forge new links, cut out the parasites, relate on my terms, to move forward and I am!!!I’m unrecognisable!!!! We need to stand on our own 2 feet and we can…