Health care in the ‘Third World’

After suffering for over 4 years with menopausal issues with the help of the NHS in the UK…I thought I would try ‘private’ in Senegal.

Botched appointments, waiting times of over 2 hours, refusals to scan even when picked up by ambulance, losing my notes before an operation to ascertain if I have cancer….4 fucking years of pain and uncertainty and more than that…absolutely no concern for my well being.

Somehow, lefties like me just don’t do private on principle in the UK. So the decision to seek ‘private’ in Senegal, albeit the only option here, still felt weird.

Well I went yday and within 45 minutes of an appointment with a beautiful, intelligent Black Woman -Senegalese-Gynae: the problem was pin pointed, evidenced with a scan, strategised and medicated…

4 years

The relief is indescribable. And to the tune of just under 60 English pounds.

And this is every day life in Dakar

Jeremy Corbyn is anti semitic so don’t vote Labour. RIGHT.

Boris Johnson called Muslim women letter boxes. So don’t vote Conservative.

This is the logic the anti Corbynite-Semetic movement are applying.

Jews don’t feel safe and it makes headline news to the point of impacting on an election mmmmmmmm

How safe do Muslim women feel? Their well being in the UK doesn’t make the front of the BBC news over and over and over.

In fact how safe do I feel as a Black woman? Completely vulnerable actually, not that anyone cares.

The difference between me, the Mulsim women Boris Johnson massacred and the Jews is We don’t have an equivalent of the Jewish Chronicle to voice the racism we endure at the hands of Jews and others in the establishment.

Another ‘spot the difference’ between me, my Muslim sister versus my Jewish compatriots, is we don’t have the economic power to get heard quick, destroy careers of genuine do gooders like Ken Livingstone (who gave me a Cambridge education for free) and JC (who unlike all politicians who we see sprawled over our screens campaigned for evil empires like Apartheid), or fill the obsequious boots of the establishment with trembling fear at the notion of us leaving the UK if the political party we abhor wins.

Money talks.

In fact, I think a lot of people in this country would say ‘good riddence’ if the racial likes of me and my Muskim sister departed from these British shores.

We suffer in silence. We are invisible. While anti semitism makes the headlines.

I won’t explain this one away as ‘Jews own the media’. Something we are all now banned from saying incase you lose your job, become ostracized by bullying and peer pressure that is being aggressively used in this election.

Political correctness controlled by the few, not the many.

What I will share is a story a lovely Jewish woman secretely told me when our teachers union were being squashed for being anti semetic, by Jewish teachers for supporting Palestenian schools; when the black teachers didn’t even turn up for these motions cause their cause and unfair treatment is irrelevant and unimportant, of course!!!!!

She said that she hated the way Jewish people go on and on and on about their suffering. It embarasses her and she violently opposes the way they go on and on in the media and the union.

She insisted I keep this quiet when with the Jewish teachers for fear of negative repercussions in her political life.

If a Jew said this, what hope have we got for a fair election?

New Report: Who Owns the UK Media in 2019?

Peace or justice?

Pete Tosh says in his legendry song ‘equal rights’ he doesn’t want peace, he wants justice.

This spoke to my soul…

Christians I’ve known would argue that Jesus deals with it…

Leave it to Him….

I like Pete Tosh’s point that going on about peace, masks the oppression going on… that the ‘decision makers’ -mostly from posh backgrounds choose to ignore how the voiceless are treated…

I choose peace and acceptance in my heart and I fight for justice in this two faced world,  we live in…. where ‘liberals’ focus on comfortable politics… and not the plight of the poor.

Institutional racism is not a priority

I don’t know how many times I’ve been told that I’m making a bigger deal out of racism than I should.  That I’m imagining it, catastrophising, got a chip on my shoulder…blah blah blah

Just the fact that the article below has been completely ignored by the British press says it all…

For me this is vindication not only for these innocent men but that black people are suffering at the hands of British institutions and no-one cares…