Life b4 Covid was full of suffering people.

Then they just disappeared once Covid hit. Miraculous!

People are suffering MORE and we just don’t hear about it. Tis the name of the game. ‘Forget the vulnerable and focus on spending.’

This is the Solidarity Night for Refugees in Calais in Hackney.All the money will go to Care4Calais. Please book now and share it with friends.
Buy tickets at this link:


Does God exist? Does the devil exist?

Millennia of philosophers and soothsayers have asked this question. Does God exist?

Wrong question. Maybe its yet another diversionary tactic. Stopping the simple intellectual from looking at the greed for power happening before our very eyes.

Blinding and stopping us from attacking the real question.

Are there groups of power hungry, rich folk planning and plotting to keep the ordinary man down. Not giving any money, support, survival tactics to the poorest in society during this Pandemic. Culling mankind just like the Minks in Europe.

I believe the devil is alive and well.

I have faith.

Moroccan Light

Moroccan light, Moroccan warmth.

Colour glowing glass. An orgy of hue. Warming me. Lighting my path.

He said ‘ I am the light and the Way’.

I say give me my Moroccan light any day. It’s here and it’s real. I see it. I feel it.

He never illuminated in my dark, obliterating conundrums. Far far away, in the impenetrable recesses of non existence.

But This lamp points out My path. Its heritage speaks to my eyes and touch. The call to prayer religiously reverberates in all our ears. Unifying us in our annoyance. anticipation.

No more fairy tale Messiah complex.

My Moroccan lamp will do just fine.