Affection and Attention

This is something a boyfriend once told me was his deal breaker when agreeing terms and conditions!!!!

I was so impressed that a male could be so direct, vulnerable and emotionally fluent-I literally fell into his arms-no political in correctness or affirmation of stereotypes meant😉

Affection and Attention – Pretty standard? I’d go as far as calling it a basic human right. We all need this in a functional, healthy relationship.

Well as a teacher, I think we should apply this human principle.

Attention=marking.  Once I’ve marked a child’s book, they’re putty in my hands!  It’s like they’ve shown me the vulnerable part of themselves and as long as I’m gentle with their delicate ego, a strong bond of learner and teacher is formed.  Children well all things with a heart beat love attention and marking goes a long way…Celebrating improvement, giving direct next steps, sharing good work from presentation to note taking to writing with the whole class boosts an insecure and often behaviourally challenging child.

Now affection can be easily poo pooed in our hyper sensitive and politically correct climate. Showing we like our students and their quirks, that we lurve our subject fills those young malleable minds with enthusiasm. Greeting them, complimenting them on ANYTHING positive, charms them.  Giving them responsibility in the lesson makes them want the lesson to work-from scribing to noting behaviour points to editing each others work shows how much we believe in them. 

Affection and Attention!




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