Write your own story.

Tired of being labelled, misunderstood and categorised?

I have realised that when I feel defined, I shrink into my shell and can’t breathe.

I cannot over estimate the power of unconditional love-where your friends just watch, just enjoy you and support you-almost like watching a show.

I’m so used to being analysed and judged that being allowed to be myself  is utterly alien yet instinctively refreshing.

Labels of class, race, religion, even political persuasion fall to the wayside when you allow yourself to bond in spirit, not stuff about the outside.

It’s all about the inside and that’s a unrepeatable mesh of DNA, learned behaviour, ideals, nightmares and triggers….

Learn to love that mesh… then true kindred-img_20190929_161843companions start appearing as if from the air!


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